How Automation can help your OTAS Group Bookings.

Personalization for the travel industry is undergoing a major evolution, and OTAs are already reaping the benefits.

Now travelers’ experiences can be deeply customized at every stage: from research, to support, to booking, to interactions that take place years after the trip has ended.

The group traveler persona makes up 5% of all global bookings and has grown 1% in the past year. While group travel makes up a small proportion of global travel bookings, in Asia it has a significantly higher share at 16%. Our new eBook, Traveler personas for OTAs, explores the behaviours and habits of group travelers in detail.

We have analyzed over one billion GDS booking signals, here is an overview of the booking behaviors of group travelers.

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Group travel at a glance

Global Profile

Lead time: book to travel
Booking growth last 12 months
Average trip length
% of global bookings
International bookings
Average no. of passengers

For groups organizing everyone can be a challenge. The websites that will win out in this persona’s eyes are those that can offer good deals, have an easy to use interface, a great customer support system and allow friends to share ideas.

Despite relatively short trip lengths of less than a week, group travelers book the furthest in advance than any other persona group.

So what do Group Travelers want?

  • Flexible payments: Having the ability to pay by installments is particularly important to this group, with 72% wanting OTAs to offer this feature.
  • All in one: Package holidays are most popular among group travelers, with 42% saying they have searched for package vacations with OTAs. Over a third have then gone on to book the package holiday.
  • Experiences: More than a quarter of group travelers have booked tours and experiences with an OTA. With 81% of group travelers saying they would be open to receiving location-specific travel tips while on their trip, this paves the way for travel brands to push offers on tours and experiences throughout the journey.

Group bookings need support

Booking a group trip can be complex. Having agent support on-hand will help show the added value of booking with your OTA over the hundreds of other websites out there. While this could mean having an agent ready to assist via phone or email, other channels also appeal to this group like web chat and social media messengers. Automation could be the answer, saving your OTA time and resources for minor and repetitive inquiries therefore maximizing efficiencies.

How to target the Group Traveler Persona for your OTA

Chatbots and messenger app

Our research found that among group travelers, online chat is the number one channel they want to contact OTAs through when booking travel. 29% of group travelers expect to be able to chat to a travel brand on social media with queries once they have made a booking. To appeal to these traveler personas, your social media strategy should look to incorporate not only inspirational content, but also key support and chat services that group travelers are looking for.

Tours and activities

Our research shows that 39% of group travelers look for tours and experiences on online travel agencies. Showing options that are suitable for groups – or even better, group discounts – will allow you to boost ancillary revenue beyond flight and accommodation bookings.

Sharing is caring

Enabling sharing options, like via email or mobile messengers, will help make the group booking and traveling experience as seamless as possible. In turn, this will allow you to create a better relationship with your customers. Our research found that 55% of group travelers like to be able to share their itinerary with friends and family via a mobile messaging apps like WhatsApp.

Traveler Personas for OTAs

Download the eBook Traveler personas for OTAs for more insight into behaviors and needs of the group booking persona. Dive into what personalization means for OTAs and how yours can approach different groups such as the Solo Traveler, Family, Weekender, and Couples including a full engagement plan for each of these personas that can be applied to your current strategy.

Research into behaviors and habits
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