45% of couples are looking for package deals with OTAs.

16% of global bookings are made by ‘couples’ who are taking trips of around 2 weeks in duration.

An even bigger 25% are made by the weekender persona i.e. those who take shorter weekend breaks. Our new eBook, Traveler personas for OTAs, explores these customer segments in depth along with analyzing their behaviors and habits so you can reach them in the right place, at the right time with the right content.

We’ve analyzed over a billion GDS booking signals, below are snapshots of the booking behaviors of both couple travelers and weekender travelers.

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Couples travel at a glance

Global Profile

Lead time: book to travel
Booking growth last 12 months
Average trip length
% of global bookings
International bookings

So, what do couples and
weekenders want?

We have highlighted a few findings from the research into what this persona group is looking for.

Package holidays

Couples are keen bookers of package deals; our research shows that almost half of couple respondents (45%) look for packages with OTAs and around one-third have gone on to book these kinds of vacations through OTAs.

Air, Accommodation, Activities and Automobiles

Since couples are particularly interested in package holidays, it’s important to give the people what they want. Allowing your visitors to buy package deals, or even better, build their own, will help to drive conversion.

The key to doing this is to offer more than just air. Selling hotel, car rental, ground transport, and in-trip activities will give your customers more than enough choice and scope to build their perfect trip.


These personas want personalization: 57% of those who travel as a couple are willing to provide more personal details if it results in a more personalized travel experience. This includes details such as age, gender, destination preferences, preferred hotels and so on. OTAs must take advantage of this personalization opportunity – these traveler personas both want and expect them to do so.


Given the short trip duration, it goes without saying that weekenders want accommodation close to major sight-seeing and restaurant hot spots. However, that should not inhibit offering hotels with spa facilities or close to the city’s famous parks for a morning or evening jog.

The key is to show the reasoning behind why you’re showing specific hotels in your messaging. You can also offer capabilities to book one of the offers or give the option to chat through a messaging platform with either a virtual or physical agent.

Where to find couples
and weekenders?


Since these personas are willing to offer up personal details in exchange for a tailored experience, it’s essential your online travel agency can deliver. One way you can achieve this is by retargeting customers who previously traveled as a couple with similar offers and inspiration for their next trip.

35% of couples take between three to five trips per year so there is a big opportunity to pull them back to your website to book their next trip through retargeting campaigns. Of course, retargeting a couple that has just spent four days in Barcelona with an ad for another trip to the same city is ineffective. Instead, you can look at your own data, combined with general market trends, to discover other popular destinations for couples in different regions.

By presenting offers for these new destinations, you can greatly increase your chance of getting that customer to give their business to your agency once again – especially considering that 57% want personalized offers from OTA.

Insta Inspiration

Focus your efforts on social media. Create destination articles and content on top activities for couples, romantic restaurants in different cities, or best hotels for couples in a certain region. Our research found that 30% of couples find inspiration on social, so creating couple-specific posts for this audience is more likely to capture this persona’s attention. The same goes for weekenders; content such as best bars in Berlin or Top Eats in Edinburgh giving these travelers guides and tips can be extremely valuable.

Traveler Personas for OTAs

Check out more behaviors and habits of the couple and weekender persona as well as other traveler personas like the solo traveler, families, corporate and groups. Download our free Traveler personas for OTAs eBook so you can create happy customers for your online travel agency that return again and again.

Research into behaviors and habits
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